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5 Reasons

5 Reasons
Why should you use our products?

Reason 1: We stand by our Products 100%

We have a standard protocol in place to assure our customers will receive your products in a timely manner and undamaged, at their maximum potency. If for some reason your products do not arrive or are damaged in the shipping process, simply contact us by email and we will ship you out new products.

Reason 2: We are considered by many the #1 in Quality & Potency

We have the highest Quality and Maximum Potency Pharmaceutical & Professional grade MIC lipotropics and B Vitamins in the industry, developed with the latest science and health research.

Reason 3: Undeniable Visible Results

We pride ourselves in providing MIC lipotropics and the essential B-Vitamin products that produce consistent, undeniable results.

Reason 4: Trusted Source by Top Athletes

We are the #1 chosen source by professional and amateur athletes. Many of the top competitors in their sport consistently use our products.

Reason 5: Fastest Order Turn-Around Times*

Every order is shipped USPS Priority Mail to keep your MIC lipotropics and B-Vitamin products at maximum potency. 

What time do I have to order by in order to get my order ASAP?

Order your product today before 12:00 P.M. CST and you may receive your vitamin products tomorrow (delivery times may vary). Some locations may take up to 3 business days via USPS Priority Delivery. We do not control or dictate USPS’s delivery schedule or routes. This is our ONLY method of shipping. We use this shipping method to assure we provide tracking info for your package and so we are able to ship at a fair rate compared to UPS or FED EX Priority Service with tracking. Shipping is FREE per USA order, up to $49.95 for International Orders – USA order only: if you order your products after 12:00 noon EST on Friday, expect to receive your products on Monday(assuming your location is within USPS’s 1 business day service) – if you order your products on Saturday or on Sunday, expect to receive your products on Wednesday or Thursday(assuming your location is within USPS’s 1-3 business day service)  – if you order your products on a holiday or holiday weekend, expect a 1-3 day delay in the shipping process by the post office after the holiday or holiday weekend is over. International orders are shipped out express also, but your delivery times depend on your worldwide location. Refer to for estimated shipping times and your tracking email detailsSome locations nationwide may take up to 3 business days to receive your purchase. The amount you paid for shipping is what we are charged via USPS PRIORITY MAIL for the service. We are unable to guarantee a time of delivery for international orders outside the USA.